“Up-and-coming artist whose first solo exhibition was held at Gallery 371 in September 2017.  Deborah Singerman you are an amazing, talented writer that has captured the essence of my often vague and indistinct words. You’ve write so eloquently and conveyed meaningful points in my life that had brought me to this occasion where I can now share my experience through my art. Thank you!

Thanh Tam Cao, portrait and landscape artist

“Rethinking Leadership, a forward-thinking look at leadership practice and how to make it more community -driven. Publishers are Big River. We had recently completed a fairly complex book and, close to publication, were anxious about the quality of the line editing we had done. So, we approached Deborah with a tight timeline. She worked through the manuscript in a timely manner and in fine detail, suggesting issues or and correcting inconsistencies. We were very grateful for her work. Thanks.

Peter Kaldor, author and social researcher

“Active Seniors: Staying healthy and having fun in retirement, a self-published book from Active Seniors health centres. Thanks so much for all your help, guidance and support. And for your patience. I was very green coming into this process and appreciate all you have done.

Taylor Harrison, health practitioner, business owner and first-time author

“Presenter of two courses I have done at Sydney’s WEA, an adult education institute, on SEO and web promotion. Deborah Singerman is a true writing editing and proofreading expert. She listens attentively, intuitively picked up on ideas and is creative, offering me many good ideas and advice. I found her easy to work with as a student. She showed real interest in my topics and asked good questions. She also has a great sense of humour. Deborah is a true professional and I recommend her services highly.

Luke Hayes, web design and new business marketing specialist

BVN architects were, and still, are one of the forerunners of new and evolving forms of workplace design allowing for flexible, collaborative and private ways of working.
Deborah was engaged as the editor of Transformative: the architecture of work culture, when the publication was being considered as a hard copy book. Her professionalism and attention to detail helped drive a very tight deadline and her flexibility as we changed course to produce an online version was commendable. Her writing and editing skills are of the highest order and I would recommend her for any type of editing or writing role from the very simple to the most complex and difficult.

Stella de Vulder, Public Relations Manager, BVN

Leading architect, critic and reviewer, wrote a global history of office design for the Transformative digital book.
My regard for Deborah Singerman as an editor stems from her collaborative work on a long essay I wrote for BVN (architects). I’ve always valued the editing process in my writing. With an editor like Deborah you get attention to detail, checking of your referencing and, importantly, a non-judgemental extra pair of eyes that adds value to your work.

Andrew Metcalf, BVN architect and former Professor of Architecture, University of Canberra

Mining and engineering writer for national books on infrastructure, planning and transport.
I have rarely encountered an editor with such high levels of professionalism in the mechanics of her craft, and such support to the writer.

John McIlwraith, Freelance journalist

Publisher and entrepreneur on nation books for which I was consulting editor.
I first met Deborah Singerman in 2008 at ETN Communications when I was Director of Publishing. She was described to me as being the “best” by both the Group Publishing Director and the administration manager, something that immediately grabbed my attention. In particular, her work with sponsored editorial is what stands out in my mind and, more to the point, her intuitive feel for the editorial hook and judicious awareness of what to include and what not to include make her the best editor-in-chief I have ever worked with.

To Build a Nation and Sustainable Nation are both notable examples of her work in the sponsored editorial genre and in my opinion represent the absolute benchmark of this style of writing in Australia. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services of to any publishing house and moreover to any major public or private corporation that jealously guards their positioning it terms of public awareness and esteem.

Peter Hase, Business Startup Consultant

Publisher and spearhead of high quality professional publications on architecture, cities, infrastructure and transport.
I’ve worked with Deborah for over 10 years now, in her roles as a managing editor, writer and all-round creative thinker. I look forward to working with her again for another 10 years as she always adds something special to a project that takes it from the great to the best in class!

Ashley Russell, Director GTi Media

Coordinator MA Asian Studies and former Head of Department of Chinese and Indonesian.
She is simply one of the best students I have supervised, having an immense capacity for sustained hard work, with a sharp analytical ability to interpret data, shape arguments and define conclusions. She is a pleasure to work with, and her written output at its best has clarity and authoritative power. She has a sense of humour, even when trying to produce high quality academic work while handling a (demanding) job.

Associate Professor David Reeve

PhD design student developed a system for reading two languages at the same time, in his case English and Farsi but able to be adapted for a combination of any two languages.
Deborah worked closely with me on my thesis and made it highly accessible for the reader. She always raised meaningful questions regarding the objectives and concerns of each chapter in order to apply the most relevant changes. She quite significantly improved the flow and clarity of ideas within and across the chapters within the boundaries of the intended meanings of the arguments.

Soheil Ashrafi, PhD 2015 in spatial design

Medical student wrote about e-health and the potential benefits of simulation and technology during the training of medical students.
Deborah was a fantastic editor to work with during her time with Medical Technology Australia. Supportive, thorough and proactive in generating ideas, she oversaw a very a high calibre publication.

Martin Seneviratne, Junior Medical Officer, RPA Hospital, former member of Australian Medical Students Association

Practical, hands-on author developed his long-established Certificate IV environment management course into a book for wider distribution.
Deborah showed patience, rigour and determination with the final edit and referencing.

Phil Abernethy, author of TAFE-recognised Environmental Manager’s Toolkit

Co-wrote Captain Matchbox @ Beyond- The music & Mayhem of Mic and Jim Conway Melbourne Books 2015
Deborah was one of a special group of people who helped shape content. Deborah’s professional, detailed and insightful comments about my creative non-fiction project were exactly what I needed to develop my manuscript and writing skills.

Catherine Fleming, author, researcher and jazz singer

Photographer with whom I worked on an essay (and who also leads WEA adult education tours around Sydney’s art galleries)
Deborah has a great ability to understand and most importantly to write about the creative process of an artist. Her review about my work, based on conversations between us, connects beautifully the seemingly disparate periods of my practice.

Anke Stäcker, photographer

Artist’s comments on the essay
Deborah’s essay is a wonderful survey, and because it is so structured and descriptive, it would read well with images. The essay is retrospective of everything Anke has done and would make an important contemporary art book.

Dr Judith Duquemin, artist within painting and digital fields

Professional writer, editor and manuscript assessor, with a longstanding and active interest in film, theatre and interactive storytelling
When we meet, my brain is crackling with exciting ideas from hearing Deborah’s perspective on the world and the world of architecture/construction and media. I so enjoy our wonderful, enjoyable brain-exchange sessions.

Selena Hanet-Hutchins, texture – a richer life with words