Deborah’s writing, editing and proofreading services reach diverse sectors and cover topics mostly, but far from exclusively, in architecture and design; sustainability, health and workplaces, humanities and society; culture and creativity; construction, infrastructure and transport.

She works with content agencies, magazines, small businesses, professionals of all backgrounds, experts and independent thinkers, not-for-profits and community groups, educational establishments and research centres.

She is passionate about empathising with, listening to and understanding the needs of existing– and future –  clients. To back this up, she spends whatever time it takes to find out what you want your work to achieve and who you want to reach. She makes suggestions before launching into editing or writing in collaboration with you to produce an agreed and ultimately successful final result.

To help assess a quote for editing and proofreading, she requests a sample. Every manuscript is different and she tailors the level of edit to individual needs from development of your ideas through structuring your text to detailed editing of your copy.

She bases rates for her services on a competitive word and by-the-hour job rate, taking into account your budget, and required turnaround time. Editing fees are generally higher than those for proofreading.

NB: Consider reviewing your draft extensively before engaging an editor. Try to get feedback from people you trust and from different viewpoints, including family and friends. While this is not for the fainthearted, it is a valuable eye-opener. It also opens the way to the next stage: creative and productive editing from a professional wishing to collaborate with you to improve your work.

For writing, whether you want original text or a re-write of work already published, Deborah asks you about the proposed length, deadlines and research requirements. This includes print and online fact-finding, analysis and checking, face-to-face, phone and online interviews, working both to publishing industry standards and styles, and to house styles. Her rates reflect this mix.

Where necessary, Deborah can turn to her professional contacts for back-up support depending on the project’s specific needs.

As a guide only:

  • copy editing is A$60 an hour
  • structural editing is A$80 an hour
  • proofreading is A$50 an hour
  • writing is A$0.50 – A$1 a word

Range covers:

  • Book chapters
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Commissioning
  • Concept development
  • Consultation
  • Content marketing
  • Copy editing
  • Curating content
  • Custom publications
  • Directories
  • Documentation
  • Features
  • Guides
  • Reference material
  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Media releases
  • News
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs – corporate, professional, personal
  • Profiles
  • Project management
  • Q and As
  • Quality control
  • Sponsored editorial
  • Structural editing
  • Style guides
  • Trend-spotting
  • Websites

Collaborative consultation for writing and editing

Much as writing and editing can be solitary occupations, there is nothing like talking things through and working with others about your uncertainties, difficulties and possible solutions. Another pair of eyes and ears can help you solve problems and clarify what you wish to achieve from your project, showing how you can best get back on track and meet your schedule.

Do you have ideas to follow up? Burning questions to ask? A manuscript to assess? To help you decide on a change of direction or development of long-held ideas into print or online copy, Deborah is happy to collaborate and learn with you, building on your respective professional and personal experience to give you the confidence to develop ideas and content for your new venture.

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