Editing for development

From not-for-profits, professional and industry associations, to creative entrepreneurs and specialists who want to share their life-long experience and knowledge, a development editor can help you:

  • develop your long-standing idea or concept
  • identify how feasible your potential project is
  • work out if it has a potential audience and who that audience is

We can discuss how to create themes, develop and refine synopses and plan the publication schedule, including the writing and editing stages. As the work progresses, we can commission a team of authors and editors to give your work the best chance of publishing success.

To discuss how a professional editor can help, contact Deborah on +61 411 120738, or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Editing for structure

Are you a first-time author or a technical expert wanting to turn a report into something less dry to reach a wider audience?

Is your organisation a not-for profit, an industry or professional association or a community group wanting to repurpose and reformat existing material into other forms of print or online material?

Are you an experienced writer who, even so, is not sure that your story or argument says what you want it to say? A structural editor can:

  • provide fresh eyes to read the text, with no preconceptions
  • make sure it has a logical, well thought-out structure to improve the readability of your work
  • help to make a work gel especially if it is a complex document
  • make sure your print and online documents, be they guides, reports, newsletters or directories, capture your audience’s attention straightaway
  • suggest ways to present your work as text or as numerical content – tables, charts, diagrams

To discuss how a professional editor can help, contact Deborah on +61 411 120738, or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Editing for detail

You want to communicate effectively and credibly but fear that your text may not inspire confidence. What if it is full of spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors? However often you check your own work, as the writer you are usually too close to it to see obvious mistakes never mind the curly ones.

You can turn to a copy editor for an end result that shows:

  • clear, consistent, accurate, transparent and complete text
  • easily understood, readable text
  • jargon-free, error-free text

A copy editor can also.

  • consider the style, tone, voice and language of the work
  • add headings, subheadings, breakout quotes, captions and other ways to capture the reader’s attention
  • set up clear referencing procedures and adhere to them
  • work to style guides

If nothing else, copy editing will make sure that your text is faster to read and understand, inspiring confidence that you know what you are talking about.

To discuss how a professional editor can help, contact Deborah on +61 411 120738, or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Editing for project management and curating

You might be a sole trader or a bespoke, specialised supplier or a niche architect firm, designer or creative wanting to celebrate an anniversary or showcase a landmark or other achievement for your business.

Working on projects with many authors either on their own or in coordinated teams needs a lot of managing and organising, including budgetary control.

An editor you can trust can follow the project through from A to Z making sure all the production stages are met, choosing and commissioning writers through writing, editing, design, print and online formatting. Authors may well come from disparate backgrounds with different writing skills and styles, and an editor can become a curator of the content, working across different drafts, versions and proofs.

For project assessment and individual rates, contact Deborah on +61 411 120738, or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Proofreading for final polish

Need to be one hundred per cent sure your work is as good as it can be? Need someone to apply that final polish, to check the text and formatting have been correctly applied and the illustrations are in place?

Deborah uses track changes online and also does manual mark-ups using the Australian Style Manual marks.

For proofreading advice and help, contact Deborah on +61 411 120738, or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Editing for students

Deborah is a member of the Graduate Launch Pad team of editors and proofreaders offering copy editing and proofreading services for students. The work covers essays, checking for accuracy, consistency and clarity, and to meet relevant style guidelines and deadlines. It also caters to PhD students finalising their theses and needing another pair of eyes to check that their work is as correct and professional as possible and worthy of their original research.

Deborah works to the Institute of Professional Editors Limited Australian standards for editing practice, 2nd edition