Looking for a publishing professional who understands and empathises with your creative dilemmas? Who seeks solutions with you, discussing and acting on different angles and approaches? Who strives to show you at your best?

As an editor and proofreader Deborah collaborates with writers to clarify, sharpen and correct text.

As a writer Deborah collaborates with editors on online and print features, blogs, product and project news, reports, essays, profiles and reviews.

As a consultant Deborah is an all-important eye, bringing her experience, enthusiasm and energy to your creative proposals, ideas and business plans.

Deborah Singerman – Writer Editor & Proofreader Consultancy



Wanting your project or product profile, your own personal story, report or review turned from an idea into an informative, entertaining piece? Find out how a professional writer can help create an instant stand-out.



Meeting deadlines while maintaining quality of work is never easy. From content development to text clarity, credibility and consistency, find out how a professional editor can help save you time and money.



First impressions are important. Find out how a professional proofreader can polish your text, catch glitches and check formatting to make sure your final work is impeccable.



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