Writing services – voice, style, research, interview, inform

Whatever the form of writing, a professional writer will research the information and relevant data, check and summarise arguments, write (and rewrite) the text until it is clean, clear and sharp and meets the needs of the intended readership

Writing for print and digital media

Need a series of technical articles with content that can be adapted for websites, blogs, magazines and university journals? Professional writers and journalists can:

  • pitch your idea to different publications, tailoring it for the different audiences you want to reach or advising on other outlets for customised stories
  • work alongside you preparing, researching and writing the story
  • find new angles to old stories, blending known facts with fresh interviews and pertinent quotes and updating valuable, background research
  • pinpoint personal profiles with a fast-paced Q and A or a longer, more discursive piece resulting from asking the right questions, face-to-face, over the phone, or online

Professional writers can also assist you with other forms of creative expression. Artists, photographers, designers or makers, can have a profile, or a more formal statement, about who you are, what you do, how you do it and why, and what this says about your work.

When your work is produced and seen by an audience, consider having it reviewed putting it into a context, why and how you did it and how closely it met your objectives.

Deborah works to the Journalists’ Code of Ethics from the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance in her research and writing.

Writing for business and professionals

You are a small business, an industry or professional association, or a group of collaborating creatives. You have a lot of ideas for print and digital outreach but need that reflected in crisp, credible copy that shows your business, products and services in a professional light.

For instance, do you need:

  • new or reworked content for weekly posts?
  • a corporate profile and then a series of informative, entertaining blogs about your new CEO?
  • a couple of case studies from a technical report on sustainable cities for your print and online newsletters?
  • a story describing your latest product or service, strong on macro context and on micro detail, for your company website or e-newsletter?
  • a journal article that needs updating for a forthcoming conference?
  • reports for different users – general, professional, practitioner?

If you need text already published turned into another style with another voice for other outlets, a professional writer can suggest how best to tell and re-tell your professional story or how to capture the ethos of your organisation.

A professional writer can save you time and money producing text suitable for your audience, choosing the most effective language for different publishing formats.

Different narrative approaches might include ghost writing on behalf of a leader, or expert or personality with a great story to tell but little writing experience or time to tell it.

It might also mean working closely with marketing departments producing content marketing that will show the benefits of your organisation and generate positive results.

To discuss how a professional writer can help in your writing project, contact Deborah on +61 411 120 738 or dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au